Vanilla Tobacco Body Lotion

Warm and earthy, with top notes of dried tobacco leaves resting on a bed of soft, creamy vanilla, Our unique fragrance is as masculine as it is alluring.

Milk nourishes and cleanses the skin down to its deepest layers.


History reminds us that most famous royal beauties were known to have indulged in luxurious milk baths for hours at a time because of the rejuvenating properties.


KAAS BodyMilk Creamy Body Lotion provides the same lavish effects, brought about from rich milk proteins and fats, which help provide a soothing, moisturizing effect. Milk also provides a natural source of lactic acid (alpha hydroxy acid), which is a gentle, natural exfoliator. This soak is finely blended and dissolves instantly without any gritty residue.



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Men's BodyMilk Body Lotion




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