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You Should See A Dermatologist

Your skin is the first thing people see, and it tells us a lot about the battles we face internally. It is a barrier that defends you from germs, and it protects your internal organs. Since our skin takes a lot of damage from our environment it may get a little beat up. And sometimes, you may struggle with managing it yourself or may not know the right products to help you. This is why you should see a dermatologist.

Dermatologist study the skin and are medically licensed to diagnose and recommend products, medicine, and diets to help you take care of your skin. Even if you believe your skin is healthy it doesn't hurt to get a check up with a dermatologist. Sometimes, we are unaware of the harm we are doing to our skin.

There are a few major reasons to visit a dermatologist:

1. If you are experiencing a new form of a mole or change of an existing mole. If it "has changed in color, size, shape, or symptom" please visit your dermatologist as this may be a sign of cancer.

2. Acne! We all have experienced acne. If you notice that nothing is working, from over the counter products to diets, then check with your dermatologist. You could potentially be making your skin worse off by not getting help.

3. If you experience rashes, hives, inflamed, itchy, irritated skin don't continue use of products or don't continue to purchase different products in hopes of a different outcome. First, visit your dermatologist to determine the cause. You may be allergic to a certain ingredient(s), have an underlying skin condition, or have an infection. Your dermatologist will be able to prescribe you medicine to aid your skin.

4. Scaring. Sometimes acne leaves behind ugly scars that don't seem to go away! Or if you have a childhood scar on your face you should speak with your dermatologist. There are different medical treatments that assist with reducing visibility or removing scars such as "laser treatment therapy, microdermabrasion, and others".

Make sure to check with your dermatologist before splurging on expensive skincare products or trying the newest Youtube or influencer skincare routine. Not all skin is the same. Once you speak with your dermatologist to determine your skin type (i.e. oily, combination, acne, etc.) you will be able to focus on the products that better benefit your skin, to keep it healthy.

If you already checked with your dermatologist and know what products suit your skin, head on over to SHOP NOW!



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