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Maintaining Skincare After Professional Service

Do you often wonder how you can keep up with your skincare after an amazing facial service?

Most people wonder how they can maintain great service they receive at home. After all longevity is key for any great service. Here are some key steps to maintaining healthy skin after receiving a professional KAAS facial.

1. Stress less.

Stress can cause your skin to become inflamed, and it can kill healthy microorganisms that help protect your skin. Therefore, to relieve stress create a healthy sleep pattern, and pick up a hobby you enjoy.

2. Wash Your Face.

Wash your face 2x a week with the routine KAAS FACE wash that your Professional Service was done with. There are three KAAS FACE washes: Tea Tree, Creamy Coconut Vanilla, and Vanilla Tobacco, and they are all reasonable in price.

3. Moisturize Your Face.

After you wash your face, you would should apply a KAAS FACE Moisturizer to keep your skin active and moist. There are two KAAS FACE Moisturizers: Creamy Coconut Vanilla & Vanilla Tobacco. I’ve learned over the years that you don’t have to use a scrub as often as you wash your face. You don’t want to strip your face too much because that can actually cause irritation and harm to your skin. If you maintain these 3 steps your skin should feel well maintained until your next professional facial service, which I would recommend once a month.

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-Quincy Alexander, IG: @Qgiftedhands

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