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Kiarra's Skincare Holy Grail

Having healthy skin brings confidence to my everyday life. Your face is the first impression on others, and you want to make sure that your skin says that you are confident and well taken care of. Trying to find "holy grail" skincare products is very hard and takes a a while going through the trial and error process. Luckily for you, I have found those "holy grail" products that I include in my routine, that you should implement in yours.

These 3 items will have your skin feeling and looking healthier than ever:

1.Gylcolic Acid Face Wash - This is a must have in your skin routine because it helps gently exfoliate and remove dead skin. I use the KAAS Creamy Coconut Vanilla Glycolic Acid Face Wash from the FACE collection because it is gentle and it smells amazing! I also use this face wash to remove my makeup because it cleans all the leftover makeup from my pores. Check out my video on how to remove makeup with this face wash.

2. Gel Toner - Toners are extremely helpful with removing excess oil on the skin, especially in the troubled T-zone area. Oily skin can become very hard to manager, but gel toners will give you that refreshed look. Toners can also be used as a base for any "beat face" for a night out on the town! My favorite toner from the FACE collection is KAAS Moisturizing Toner with Vitamin E Hydro Beads. This toner is very moisturizing and leaves your skin plum and smooth allowing a clean surface for you to apply makeup. Check out this video on how to apply the toner before makeup.

3. Jade Facial Roller - After I apply the gel toner, I use a jade face roller to promote healthy blood circulation. I usually leave my jade roller in the fridge for at least 2-3 minutes before application. This gives the skin a glowing look in preparation for facial moisturizer.

-Kiarra Gale, IG: lovelyki93



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