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cucumber gel toner


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Keep Your Skin Cool as a Cucumber with KAAS 

What’s good enough for your salad must be good enough for your skin right?

KAAS FACE Cucumbers Fruit Water a crisp, lightweight toner gel featuring a dynamic blend of Cucumber Distillate and Cranberry Seed Oil. 


Our skin soothing Facial Toner Gel is a fast absorbing, never sticky formula that provides a hydrating cooling effect to thirsty skin while offering the crisp and luxurious aroma of cucumber. 

  • Reduces swelling, puffiness and dark circles. 

  • Aids acne-prone skin and reduces blemishes

  • Helps combat premature aging and wrinkles

  • Cooling effect after shaving reduces swelling and razor bumps

  • Provides instant hydration that enhances your glow 

Paraben Free